Frequently Asked Questions

Which SD card can I use for the Dashboard camera?
Your dashboard camera accepts SD cards of up to 32GB capacity (class 10). It is recommended that you format the SD card before use.
How can I start recording with this camera?
- Your dashboard camera will always power up and begin recording automatically as soon as it is connected to a power source. Simply connect your dashboard camera to a power source that comes on when you start the engine of your vehicle, and the dashboard camera will start recording automatically without you having to remember to press on a button.
- You can also power it ON or OFF manually by pressing the power button. The power LED (Red) will turn ON when the power is ON. Whenever the device is turned ON or OFF you will see a splash screen showing the Motorola logo.
What is the parking mode?
Your dashboard camera can record footages of events occurring when your car is parked with its engine off. The built-in battery will keep the sensor of your device in stand-by mode, and will start recording automatically for 30 seconds if it detects vibration or a shock. Parking mode can only record and save footage after an event has been detected by the sensor.
IMPORTANT: Due to technical reasons, Parking mode is disabled by default. You can enable it in settings menu.