Frequently Asked Questions

What is the parking mode?
Your dashboard camera can record footages of events occurring when your car is parked with its engine off. The built-in battery will keep the sensor of your device in stand-by mode, and will start recording automatically for 30 seconds if it detects vibration or a shock. Parking mode can only record and save footage after an event has been detected by the sensor.
IMPORTANT: Due to technical reasons, Parking mode is disabled by default. You can enable it in settings menu.
What is the G-Sensor?
G Sensor detects forces which will automatically protect the current recording in the event of a collision. You can change the sensitivity of the sensor. It is set to Low by default, but can be set to Off/High/Medium/Low. If you turn the sensor off, your dashboard camera will not be able to permanently save any footage.
Which SD card can I use for the Dashboard camera?
Your dashboard camera accepts SD cards of up to 32GB capacity (class 10). It is recommended that you format the SD card before use.